Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yes, I'm Pear Shaped

Er, gourd shaped since this is a giant gourd at the Floyd County Fair last year. I knew having my pear-shaped self photographed next to it would come in handy some day. 
I think I could qualify as an hourglass too since I have swimmer's shoulders to go with my swimmer/former ballet thighs. But I always go with pear shaped because my butt is so large and round it's way more noticeable than my top. My bust is not small--between a 38 D and DD according to my bra fitting--but it fades into the background compared to my bottom.  My boobs sometimes loom large and need covering and other times I have to be careful not to look flat-chested. So strange how things work.

Working out vigorously is not an option for my joints, so a runner's body is off the table. So are Michelle Obama arms because even light dumbells kill my wrists. I'm having pretty good luck with resistance bands, so we'll see. I hate my flabby arms because I feel like people judge me and think I'm too lazy to lift weights to fix them. See, I'm still a work in progress on the body confidence thing, but so much better than when I was younger and slimmer. 

Since swimming and kayaking are becoming more and more my workout of choice due to arthritis, my shoulders and thighs are not likely to go away anytime soon. Well ever really. My rail thin Rheumatologist looked at my foot x-rays and said I'd be happier on wheels than on foot. Skates maybe, bike not so much. Imagine trying to perch that on a seat!  I've struggled with hating my thighs off and on since my teens, but I saw photos of Olympic swimmers recently. Hunh, they have thighs, gymnasts have thighs . . . I wonder if mine are not blobs but reminders of all the gymnastics, ballet and swimming I've done over a lifetime? I like that view much better!

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