Sunday, February 12, 2012

Finally Boots and a Long Skirt

I have loved the look of boots and a long skirt for a while now. The problem I had last year was that my favorite boots rendered me unable to walk the next day. No really, I ended up on crutches once. Talk about suffering for fashion.

So I finally found these boots that don't kill my feet but by then I only had one long skirt. I found this silky blue skirt on sale at Old Navy. It was shiny and silky which gave it kind of a formal feel. So I wasn't sure if I could pull of wearing it for just a regular work outfit. Apparently it works. I think I'll tweak it a little next time I wear it to have more waist definition. Every belt I tried with this bunched the sweater up in a blobby way that made me look way more chubby than I am. It was one of those days that I fiddled with it until time to leave for work and then decided to just go with it.

Then I left for work and ran over my cat (See my last post).

Strolling through the parking lot at work with one of the many churches in our neighborhood in the background. We're surrounded on all sides by churches which can make for interesting backgrounds.


  1. Wao, you look fantastic in this outfit! I love love love your new skirt paired with the blue sweater. I'm glad you found some comfy boots too!

  2. Thanks! That means a lot since I enjoy looking at your blog too. You always look like you're having fun!