Friday, March 16, 2012

Accidental or Intentional

See if you can tell what was planned about this outfit and what was not. I'll give you a hint: I noticed some people recently mixing different neutrals and decided to mix grey and brown. These are colors I normally would never put together, but here lately I have days where I just start grabbing things out of the closet to try them out. Previously I would have only paired the most typical combos with this grey blouse like maybe a red or black sweater. Lets just say I grew up on Garanimals and never completely moved past that, O.K.? I think it worked really well, but I'm not crazy about the matchiness of the brown sweater and brown loafers. Some bright colored shoes would've worked better.

And the only pop of bright color? Well, that was the accidental part. This yellow bracelet was leftover from an anti-drug event (from Georgia Meth Project ) and I stuck it on to get it to the car with no intention of continuing to wear it in outfit photos. Then I totally forgot about it until I started editing photos. Hmm, neutral, neutral, neutral and screaming bright yellow rubber bracelet.  Oops!  I bet no other bloggers are sporting one of these babies, though!

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