Sunday, March 18, 2012

First Know the Rules, Then Break Them

My 14 year old twins got a double dose of sarcastic humor--a hefty dose from me and a genetic double dose from their dad. They are also just extremely good at being 14. So . . .  So it's no surprise when I get the attitude that I'm suddenly stupid. One of them delights in pointing out my use of correct grammar has declined after moving to what he thinks of as a podunk town. O.K. so it is, but it's my podunk town where I moved to join the love of my life. My husband calls me "the professor", but admittedly my language has become more casual since moving here. I tried to explain to my son that you learn the rules of writing and grammar and then you can break them. Of course I got the usual response of "yeah right" from him. Ah well, if I can break grammar and writing rules, I can break fashion ones too, right? And I discovered that being over 40 means I have lots of fashion rules I'm supposed to follow, along with all the usual rules for everyone. Well, here are a few examples of me breaking these rules. I had no idea I was such a rebel!
Rule #1: Don't wear skinny jeans.
This outfit also has the forbidden horizontal strips and features bright colors on a bottom heavy woman. The horror!

Rule #2:  Don't wear brightly colored tights

Rule #3: If you are short, always wear heels. Always try to make your legs look long and lean.

Rule #4:  Don't wear short skirts at your age. Oh, don't mix patterns or wear brown with black either.
That's me living the wild life and breaking all the rules!

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