Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not According to Plans

The day started off pretty well. After church I drove to Birmingham, AL and stopped to take a few outfit photos in a Garden. Everything is looking all rosy and perfect so far.
Azaleas, dogwoods, cherry trees--all my favorite spring flowers all in one place.  It's looking like a perfect day so far. But then, I realize I left the thingy you screw onto your camera that clips to the tripod. Anybody know the name of that thing? Also, can somebody please tell me where mine is? Anyway a quick walk back to the truck to retrieve it. Nope not there either. I had my husband's truck because the air in my car went out, and maybe left it in my car (This vehicle swap is important in how the rest of the day unraveled).

For the next part, I can't tell you exactly what happened as it's a bit fuzzy. Not to be foiled by the lack of my tripod, I decided to hang my camera on a dogwood tree branch as an experiment. So I back up to make sure I'm in the shot and get the sudden inspiration, "Hey look at those lovely purple flowers. These would look cool in the shot" and I back up even more. Now, I'm not a rule breaker, really I'm not. I always stay on the path in places like these, always. As a gardener myself, I would never, ever hurt someone's flowers. I don't know what got into me. All I know is next I heard a security guard say,"Ma'am, we don't allow people to walk in our flower beds!" Holy cow, I'm standing right in the middle of a flower bed! How'd I get here? So totally embarrassed! I slunk back to the truck in shame . . . but not before one more shot by the pink azaleas! But the trip to Birmingham from Hell didn't end there. 

After my shameful experience in the garden, I picked my kids up from their dad's and jump on the interstate headed back towards Georgia. Suddenly a large piece of metal bounced off the car ahead of me and bounced off the truck. I get a sinking feeling as a guy pulls alongside me pointing down at my tire. Sure enough, the metal pierced the tire and I'm stranded far from any exit with my two kids. My hubby can't rescue me because I'm 2 hrs away and driving HIS TRUCK that I've successfully pierced. Oops! Thankfully  a wonderful police officer from Springville, AL stopped and put on the spare for me. Less than a mile from home we narrowly, I mean narrowly avoided hitting a deer. I made a mental note never to drive hubby's pride and joy ever again.

What did I learn today?
1. Pay attention when you're shooting outfit photos and still obey normal rules of behavior.
2. Cops are nice in Alabama, especially if you're trying to change a tire in a dress and sandals.

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