Thursday, March 1, 2012

Golden Shirt in Fields of Gold

 I'm trying to step it back up after some outfit floundering this week. I love this gold shirt from Cato. Under that I had a thrifted tan sweater which kind of makes me look naked in some of the photos. So maybe I need something farther from my skin color worn next to my skin. My brown loafers don't show in any of the shots--a hazard of playing in tall grass I guess. And because I'm still just not in a dress-up mood, I paired these with denim trousers.
 And this is the debut of my new haircut which I'm loving so far. She put in a lot more layers and gave me ideas to style it where the top won't get so flat. She told me to use root lifter on the roots and to make sure I use the cool setting on the hair dryer at the end to get it to hold it's shape. This is all assuming of course that I have the patience to fully dry it and the wrist mobility to pull it off. Here's where the ADHD, thick hair that takes forever to dry and arthritis all come into play. It's also a little-known fact that I'm more hair styling impaired than I am fashion impaired. I once burned my lip with a curling iron (don't ask!).
And my final thoughts for today: I'm short on legs but long on imagination!

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