Saturday, March 24, 2012

Happy Mentally Unstable Mom Day!

One of the twins was kind enough to create labels for me in case I forget who I am. He loves to mess with me! It's so great when they're this age because their expectations for you mental abilities are so low. My parents were really dumb when I was 14 too, but turned smart about the time I got my first job and first apartment. I figure I have around 4--10 years before I get smart again. Meanwhile, I intend to enjoy being stupid and embarrass them a little. It's fun!

Note the ever-present coffee cup in the background. I love coffee!

I'm not sure what I was thinking with this outfit but for some reason grey and white were calling to me. I've been so much about color lately that I needed a break, I guess. Note that my hubby has a grey uniform shirt on with greying hair and doesn't he look cute? Grey can be quite cool and relaxing. This particular day I had morning meetings and the rest of the day off, so I grabbed this with my dark wash jeans and brown sneakers. We'll get back to colors tomorrow.

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