Wednesday, March 21, 2012

If a Monet Painting Was a Shirt . . .

 I would so totally wear it!

 I am in love with these sandals. No really, I think I've been wearing them every day. Crop pants again? Yeah, I promise to behave better, but the sudden heat wave hit me really hard. Yes, I can see that my legs look stumpier than when I wear nice long trousers. However, my goal for this week was not to die of heat stroke while I wait to get my car's air conditioning fixed.

Here I am teaching my class. White boards. Hee hee. I love whiteboards and flip charts. I don't know why. And the final picture shows the giant water tower looming over the building. They tell me it actually leaked and flooded the building before. Hopefully this won't happen again, especially while I'm teaching!

Beaded jewelry--me
Crop pants--Cato
Shirt--Fashion Bug

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