Friday, March 16, 2012

Springtime Casual

Yes, it was a work day but it included activities where I could dress casually. I was working out of town and having trouble identifying a good place for outfit photos. Right now I'm obsessed with finding flowering trees to pose with for some reason. In this particular case, there was traffic stopped at the light nearby which meant I could potentially be watched. This is still something I struggle with when I take photos in public since I don't want to get too far off the beaten path alone for safety reasons. See, I'm basically a shy person and putting myself on display in a blog is surprising enough for me. Public self-portraits? Entirely embarrassing! But I do them anyway because I love variety. I notice some other style bloggers don't worry a lot about the backgrounds of their photos, but I enjoy just playing with the camera. Some of them like Sal  are so awesome at putting outfits together and their emphasis is all on the clothing. Others bloggers explore background locations and photography like Sidewalk Chic.  I enjoy looking at both types but I'm such a wanderer that I have to get out and explore. Ah well, I was out of town and unlikely to see anyone I knew.

Sandals--Target and bracelets beaded by me
Green Tee--Old Navy
Blue shirt--um . . . ?
Grey pants--Cato

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