Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Copycat--Scarf and Khaki Blazer

I try to be original when I can. But then again, isn't fashion about wearing what's popular right now? We could talk about "style" vs. "fashion" but I worked my day job today. Let's face it; I'm too tired. This outfit was directly inspired by looking at Kendi's outfits like this one. I noticed she tends to wear jackets or blazers and scarves while looking totally cute. 

Now, I have a totally different body type, style, etc. but I have to say jackets look good on almost anybody. They're great for waist definition. And the scarf? Well, that's easy to explain--I crochet. For those who don't crochet or knit, well there's this compulsion to do it . . . a lot and to try to make things you can actually wear. Scarves can be completed super fast. I crocheted this one in one night to wear the next day. Maybe because I'm a beginner at knitting, it takes a lot longer to knit one, maybe even a month or two. Either way there is pride in wearing your own handiwork . . . and a little fear that it will look stupid.  

I'm sensing a slight "mom jean" vibe here. So I'm wondering if I need to step up my jeans style once my budget will cooperate.

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