Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot Pink and Red

Put on your sunglasses folks. I'm on a bright color kick.
And the back view, lest anyone doubt my claim of being pear-shaped. I laugh at some other very slim bloggers who claim to be curvy or "bottom-heavy". Really? If they're hour-glass shaped, that would make me 2 1/2 hour-glass shaped! I suppose I should stop the comparisons at that because comparisons are part of the body image problem. All these daily outfit photos help me see myself as a whole instead of focusing on "flaws" and that alone may be worth the time and effort I put in. 

Pink Blouse--Chico's
Red Sweater Vest--Thrifted
Red Belt--Thrifted
Pin-striped Pants--Worthington
Brown Wedges--SoftSpots
Other accessories--lettuce mix, nasturtiums, pansies and an ornamental cabbage that bolted big time!


  1. Thanks Gracey! I recently noticed color-blocked dresses with hot pink and red or hot pink and orange online and in magazines. Since I can't go out and buy new clothes right this minute, I decided to play with what I have on hand. I thinned out some of the little lettuce today and ate it in a salad. Soon it will be too hot in Georgia for lettuce and I'll put out tomatoes after Easter. Stay tuned!

  2. Love the color-blocking, and you dressed yourself perfectly for your pear shape! Good job!

    Katie- Hems For Her

    1. Thanks Katie! I'm beginning to figure out what shapes flatter me the most. Have you noticed outfit photos give way more info. than the ol' mirror?