Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Shorts and Florals

The cat seems fascinated by it!

Floral Blouse--Cato
Bracelets--My design

These black sandals keep appearing and I have considered buying more just so I won't have such repetition in my footwear in outfit photos. Before I started this blog, I wouldn't have given a thought to wearing the same things over and over. Does style blogging feed shopping addictions?

This blouse has proven extremely versatile but I don't think I've used it to its fullest potential. It has a black background with brown, turquoise and about 3 different shades of purple. In other words, it can go with all kinds of things. Mostly I've paired it with neutrals, especially black. I need to branch out and play with the other colors in it.

Because I'm sensitive to clothing, I usually only wear extremely soft shirts and this one has more structure than I normally tolerate. It gaps out and shows cleavage is I lean down and the elastic has to be tugged back down to waist level pretty frequently. Most people probably wouldn't care, but I'm really funny about clothes. Perhaps I shrunk it or should have bought the next size up? It's so pretty and flattering that I keep it where normally I ditch any pieces that aren't completely easy to wear. What about you? Are their pieces in your wardrobe that are difficult that you keep anyway?

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