Saturday, April 7, 2012

Airbrush Tan Update, Day 3

I've been a little off schedule due to work and getting my house ready for company this weekend. This is from, oh maybe Wednesday or so. Update on my airbrush tan--I'm mostly pleased with the results compared with using self-tanning lotion. Since someone else airbrushed me --you know, like a car or a t-shirt--she could see any places she missed. When I do it myself, I always end up with some brown splotches on my ankles and other weirdness. By the next day I no longer looked freakishly bronzed and looked sort of authentically tanned. It's not perfect. Right now my heels are brown. Anyway, enough talk, see for yourselves. Definitely not perfect but possibly better than my pasty white legs. My kids still claim I look like an Oompa Loompa, but what do they know? My husband absolutely loves it!

All this bronzing so inspired me that I pulled out my favorite beach dress and wore it to work. It was a newsletter writing day where I wouldn't see people much, so why not?
 And the hazards of being a pear shaped woman in a dress--a booty that lifts the back of the dress higher than the front. Don't you just hate that?

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