Friday, April 27, 2012

Outfit Photos Are Like Potato Chips

Betcha can't take just one! I admire some style bloggers who have a clear vision of what they're doing. Some take one outfit photo, usually in the same place each day. Simple, yet effective. I considered whether I should take the same approach, but decided at least for now that it's just not me. I really am all over the place just like my blog. I love wandering and can't sit still, have a million interests and go exploring daily if possible. 

That's the positive side, folks. The negative side of it is that I want to be an awesome photographer but am still learning. So I take a bunch of shots. Then I fall in love with several and can't pick just one. I mean, look how the lines of the picnic tables and shelter come together. I tell myself that digital photos mean I can delete them all and start over, but I tend to save them as if I'll never get another chance. What is up with that?

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