Sunday, April 1, 2012

That Dress

Thursday's Outfit
There it is "that dress", you know, the one you never wear because it's difficult to style, needs to be taken up or you don't have the right shoes. Yep, that's the one. This is one of the few dresses I have ordered online and I should have remembered Old Navy sizes seem to run big. I also often wear smaller sizes in dresses than in pants because I don't have to allow for my thighs as much in dresses.

From experience I know that waist definition in a dress is a must for me The dress fits perfectly on my shoulders and hips but the elastic "waist" sags down to about hip level. Not what you want when you are pear, X, hourglass or whatever shape I am.  So my options are take the waist up, belt and blouson it or wear something like a vest over it for waist definition. Being the naturally lazy soul that I am, I chose the last option. Since the temperatures will soon stay in the 90's over the summer, maybe I should take up the waist?

Dress--Old Navy
"Pearl Necklace"
Bluebird earrings--my design
Hopefully it brings out my blue eyes. I chose "pearls" and my bluebird of happiness earrings for fun.

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