Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gold, Fit-Flops and Pet Bloopers

I love the elegance of the outfit and the basketball goal. I chose not to crop it out because, well, this is my real life. Boys, basketballs, dog hair, and laundry.

 Foot Time
Excuse the Fit-Flop knock-offs but after being on my feet for several hours, these dogs were barking. For people without RA, I try to explain my limited allotment of what I call "foot time". Even my husband doesn't totally understand but he tries. Basically my feet have a very limited time they will allow me to stand up before severe pain kicks in. As you can imagine this makes things like cleaning house, museum visits, and Christmas shopping complicated. Since I only have a short standing time allotted for the day, I literally have to choose between things like grocery shopping and house cleaning. If I take a walk (healthy, right?), then I may have to forgo something else later. It doesn't sound like a big deal until you realize all the stuff that usually requires standing like doing laundry/dishes, attending a party or cookout, grocery shopping, talking to a neighbor, playing catch or frisbee with the kids, etc.

I few years ago when my family was going to Disney World, I actually phoned ahead to see if any accommodations are available for people who can't stand for long. "No, I can walk but standing for long periods causes severe foot pain." Response? Crickets chirping! Maybe they thought I was just some slob trying to get one over on them, but they had no solutions for someone like me other than whatever their fast pass thing is called. If I didn't require a wheelchair, that just didn't compute apparently. I survived with a good bit of pain and sending my family on rides without me because of long lines. Next time I think just using a wheelchair might be advisable,depending on how bad my feet are acting up. I'm not down on Disney because they seemed very willing and able to help if I were unable to walk. They are legendary for their customer service, but they just didn't understand my special needs at all. If I hadn't lived it, I probably wouldn't either. I really didn't intend to get on my soapbox just because of flip-flops! On to more silly fun.

Turn and Face the Camera
Once again the pets hijacked my home outfit photo session and reminded me why I love to seek out other locations. First there is the dog butt in the background of an otherwise perfectly good photo and then the cats strolling in front of my shoes.

How Many Cats are required for Cat Lady?
I figure I would be one cat away from "crazy cat lady" status if I weren't married since we have 2 outdoor sweeties and one cranky geriatric indoor/outdoor cat. My son tells me you must be single and have at least 4 cats to be a "crazy cat lady". I don't know who sets the standards for that but O.K.

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