Monday, April 9, 2012

A Strange Bird

This  bird was just outside my window at work last week. Luckily I happened to have my camera with me for blog photos.  I had absolutely no idea what it was but it looked like some kind of woodpecker. A quick Google of "Georgia Woodpeckers" led me to identify it as a Northern Flicker, a.k.a. a Yellowhammer, the state bird of my home state of Alabama. As in "Rammer jammer yellowhammer, give 'em heck Alabama!" As far as I know, this is the first time I've spotted one which is pretty funny since I lived in Alabama my first 35 years.

Yes, I know. My first thought was "but it's not yellow!" Well, they are yellow underneath and apparently some of them have yellow feathers more visible than my plain friend here. It's like me--plain on the outside with all kinds of interesting things lurking just beneath the surface. These days I'm trying to show it a little more on the outside with my clothing.

And then there's me

I feel like I've made leaps and bounds in my career wear and dressier clothing. This weekend convinced me that I need to address casual summer wear next. I was severely clothing-challenged this weekend and often looked, well, rather odd.  Here's a prime example. I grabbed some shorts that I think turned out to be hand-me-downs from my dad. All that extra room in the front? Not really necessary for a woman and not at all flattering. These are going in the give-away pile! I tried to hurriedly put together some casual warm weather outfits while not being overly dressy. Somehow I ended up never getting it quite right. Last night I changed out of my Easter dress into trouser jeans because we were going to a casual
restaurant. So I caught a glimpse of myself in the restroom mirror and saw my glowing white socks between my brown tennis shoes and my dark wash jeans. Am I having a relapse? Stay  tuned for my efforts to improve in this area!

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