Monday, April 2, 2012

Spring Flowers and Southern Charm

Love, love, love spring flowers! My husband teases me about being the only city girl from Alabama he's ever met. My stepson told me I "cook like a Yankee" (I like my vegetables with some life left in them, O.K.?), but I can throw down on some fried okra! Some people tell me I have no southern accent and others complement my sweet drawl. Sorry folks, for all who doubt, I am Southern. Dogwoods and azaleas each spring are essential to my happiness and continued mental health.

Unfortunately my own neighborhood is less than 10 years old which means no old azaleas. In fact, some genius decided that it'd be a great idea to bulldoze all the topsoil off and just build the houses on red clay. We live at the edge of some woods but the dogwoods there don't spread and make good photo backdrops like the ones in full sun . . . and they aren't pink. I just love pink dogwoods and pink cherry trees. Really strange since I'm not generally a pink girl.

So I braved public exposure and humiliation by taking to the streets of the historic district near my office again. I really hate getting looked at and being the center of attention. Of course, this is why I have a style blog, right? I never claimed to make sense, folks, I just invite you into my strange little southern world.

Fuchsia T-shirt, capri pants, and sandals--Target
Floral Shell--Talbots
Belt--It came with some pants. Who knows?
Earrings--I could swear these are from my 1st wedding in 1991, but surely not!

And the rear view? Oy vey!  It's not pretty folks, but I promised to at least have a sense of reality here. Just proving you don't need a perfect body to strut your stuff, just confidence and a sense of humor!

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  1. Beautiful pictures (even the rear view!) And you are brave to go out in public! It's tough to do, but those photos are worth it! I want to go there and strut my stuff!!

    Katie- Hems For Her