Saturday, April 14, 2012

It All Started With A Red Vest and a Belt

Although I didn't consciously plan to do a series about color, apparently I'm on a color kick. Each outfit lately seems to feature a pop of bright color, and each color holds deeper meaning for me. So either I'm getting deep and philosophical about all this style stuff or I desperately need a vacation. This thrifted red sweater vest is so versatile. It's a little baggy/shapeless but the belt whips it into shape.
A Few Notes on Belting from a non-expert
I have a teeny waist and big 'ol hips and butt. And yes, I had twins 14 yrs ago which means my belly remembers how to stick out. You'd think with a teeny waist, belting would be a cinch (groan). Not so! I'm less fearful of belts now that I'm learning how to not have the belt look like a birdie perched on a big 'ol poking out belly. For several years I've tried to do belts but they made the outfits less flattering, not more. I'm not sure what to tell you exactly because I've just done a lot of experimenting. Sal at Already Pretty and some other folks have great tutorials and I've watched those and just done a lot of blog surfing and experimenting. 
General  Belting Rules For pear/hourglass/x or whatever that work for me: 
-Belting high, but watch closeness to the boobage. This is tricky!
-Usually shirt tucked out, but I have a high-waisted skirt that works tucked somehow. 
-Flat on the front i.e. no bows, flowers, poufs. This knot seemed O.K. somehow.
-Wide flat belts, yes. Sashes tied at the front, no
-Belt under jacket or sweater. Usually over is too bulky

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