Friday, April 6, 2012

What should I wear . . . to church and an afternoon stroll?

I wore this casual outfit to church and then out for a stroll with my hubby. Because he grew up in this area, he knows all these scenic nooks and crannies off the beaten path. I suspect they are all well-known secluded parking/make out spots from his teenage days, but that's O.K. since they make great walking and photo places. 

A quick note about footwear and RA:
The sandals were O.K. for light strolling but with Rheumatoid Arthritis, you can't wear them for walking far. To be truthful, I often change my shoes several times a day because it just seems to keep my feet happier. This is something I did before this blog too because I figured out I could wear cute shoes to work, church or out to dinner as long as I change to walking shoes before serious walking or at the first sign of foot soreness.

I had to go back and edit this to add a few things. I think in my haste to get a post up, I downplayed the foot and footwear difficulties of RA. I have to say I'm one of the lucky ones that a biologic med helped. Prior to beginning Enbrel, when I was first diagnosed at 25 I wore granny shoes or sneakers all the time.  It is still a major battle for me. So when my blog shows me in cute shoes know that a) I work a desk job and changed as soon as I got home or b) was having a really great day c) Wore them just for the blog photo so I wouldn't look stupid ( I try not to do that too much) or even d) I wore the cute shoes and will pay for it with much moaning and ibuprofen. It seems such a vain and silly thing to fret at not getting to wear cute shoes but it's just one more thing RA takes away. Since it's largely invisible people tend to think you have no taste or just like granny shoes. Right? 

So I love these sandals, but the bottoms are tearing up now. Should I fuss at Target or just accept these weren't meant for walking on gravel?
Here I come!
T-shirt--Daisy Fuentes
Patent Leather belt--thrifted
Dark Wash Trouser Jeans--Cato
Necklace/earrings--Gift from hubby

I will have to save some of the unflattering shots I didn't use for a future post. They make great examples of how different poses can make your body look so different. In some of the photos I looked 20 lbs. heavier or 20 lbs. lighter. This blousened  out belted shell wasn't the most slimming either but it was so pretty!

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