Wednesday, April 11, 2012

More Pink Eastery Goodness

I found this pink purse at Goodwill and visions of Easter decor danced in my head. Like I said before, Pink has generally not been my color. I guess the pink purse inspired me and then this chick was just too cute to pass up

I purchased this t-shirt the day the Hiawassee River tried to kill me. My first time on a level 3 rapid. I followed the group to the right through the funnel where normally I would have gone left. So it flipped me upside down and dragged me across rocks. I probably got hurt because I panicked because it was my first time getting flipped in a sit-in. This year the first order of business is practice bailing out.  After some visits to the chiropractor, I'm ready. I've been on Big Cedar Creek already this year and trying to psych myself up to return to the Hiawassee.  

Until I took this photo, I only thought of the meaning of this shirt applying to that day. It's pink, so of course you think of breast cancer survivors. I haven't personally survived that, but I have survived many other things--abuse, divorce and remarriage, miscarriages, step-motherhood, and arthritis to name a few. We women are pretty tough, you know? Maybe pink will be my new color for toughness. Nah, it still makes me think of Pepto and Barbie, but I will wear it sometimes because it's fun. 

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