Saturday, April 21, 2012

Crazy Lady Day--We All Have 'Em

Thursday was a work at home day because I was worn out. All I needed to do was create a display for a community fair. So since I didn't have to look all professional, I decided to risk wearing my hot pink jeans again. Yes, I'm probably too old for them and I kinda felt like that crazy artistic person you know that doesn't follow normal fashion rules. We all know somebody like that, right?

When I spotted my neighbor's yard filled with little yellow flowers, I just had to pose there. He was at work and I'm sure he wouldn't mind. Now I'm wondering if he was home because the very next day he was out cutting his grass, weeding, etc. Maybe I made him self-conscious about his weeds. More likely he just thought it was the crazy neighbor lady who photographs herself all the time tresspassing all over my lawn.

 Mommy's got back. Maybe I need to only wear these jeans with shirts that cover my behind.

 Watch as I artistically let the scarf flow in the breeze behind me. Weeee! Sometimes I amuse myself with what we do for our blogs!

Awesomely awkward pose alert:
I was trying for something different, but ended up looking like I'm on a rock toilet. Hey, it is different!

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