Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kite Flying Day

What do you do when a crazy-warm spring suddenly gets cooler and really windy? When you have a perfect day that looks like this? You fly a kite. Unfortunately, I got no photos of the kite but it's the dollar store Spider Man variety. And yes, I really did wear this to fly it. Our black cat Ash watched it the entire time and pounced on it anytime it hit the ground. This just might be the only kite I managed to reel back in and put up for later. Of course if it had been expensive, it would have gotten hung in the top of a tree or sailed away!

I'm debuting my new glasses. I wanted some a little more trendy, but I looked totally goofy in some of the more fashionable ones. Maybe I'll try out some wild ones from one of those website with cheap glasses.

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