Saturday, April 14, 2012

Packing for a Conference

Day 1
A two-day conference in Atlanta snuck up on me, but at least it was only two days. To be honest, I grabbed an outfit for the next day and ran out the door. This was very different to my usual approach of packing every pair of shoes I own into my trunk. It was different than most trips because I would basically be either in a seminar or shlepping around my hotel room. Prior to the conference, the organizers sent an email suggesting casual, comfortable clothes in layers. Hey, I can do that!

Since I was alone and am basically a small town girl, I did not go out on the town. Mainly I went to Arbor Place mall to grab supper and shop for pants. Exciting I know! Normally I love exploring but somehow Atlanta intimidates me. I honestly believe I was less intimidated exploring Washington DC a couple of years ago by metro way more than driving anywhere in Atlanta. Of course I was with my family which was a 10 person entourage. . . But really, Atlanta should be my backyard, y'all. It's only an hour away (or sometimes way more depending on traffic). You would think living and driving in Birmingham would have prepared me for this, but no. I'm thoroughly intimidated by driving around Hotlanta. At least GPS keeps me from having panic attacks, wrecks or hours wandering aimlessly around the city.

Day 2--Back to Spring Weather!

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